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Esoteric Dance Project (EDP) is dedicated to the development of the artist, as both performer and choreographer, by providing technique-based education in a nurturing environment while offering a platform for exploration of new creativity that cultivates a profound relationship between choreographer, emerging artist, and the audience. EDP embraces the art form’s historical past and believes that with a genuine foundation and “esoteric” knowledge of the classical and codified techniques, every dancer is a more artistically expanded and efficient performer. It is the goal of Esoteric Dance Project to demystify the skilled craft of modern dance and lead audiences to engage, observe and appreciate both the mastery and the freedom that is this art form.


Esoteric Dance Project; a collaboration between Chicago husband-and-wife artists Christopher Tucker and Brenna Pierson-Tucker, was established in 2010. The Artistic Directors have taught, choreographed and performed throughout the Midwest as well as in Maryland, Arizona, Washington and Chicago. Since its inception, EDP has produced 29 new works and has collaborated with over 60 artists in the Chicago area.



Brenna Pierson-Tucker is an artist, choreographer and educator who has called Chicago home since 2007. In the winter of 2010, she co-founded Esoteric Dance Project and has since created eight world premieres and assisted in the construction of another eight works for the company. Pierson-Tucker holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of 
the Arts in Seattle, Washington where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She received her early training at Interlochen Arts Academy where she first began experimenting with movement under the direction of Tina Curran, Sharon Randolph and Kay Braden. Throughout her career, Brenna has had the privilege of performing works by artists such as Kevin Iega Jeff, Christopher D’Amboise and Sonia Dawkins as well as re-constructing works by José Limon and Trisha Brown. Her choreographic works have been featured in Going Dutch, Harvest Dance Festival, Blueberry Dance Festival, Dance Chicago as well as the Open Space Project. She teaches at Glenwood Dance Studio and is continuing her education with the study of Labanotation.
Christopher Tucker has been creating inspiring choreography since his enrollment at Interlochen Arts Academy. While there, he received the Young Artist Award and was granted the Emerging Choreographer Award from Regional Dance America. He continued his education and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Dance.
Tucker performed with Eisenhower Dance Ensemble, Mordine & Company, Same Planet Different World and individual artists throughout Chicago. During his career, he has had the privilege of working with such known artists as Jason Ohlberg, Earl Mosely, and Joel Hall and has been featured in works by Martha Graham and José Limon. In 2010, Tucker co-founded Esoteric Dance Project with his wife Brenna Pierson-Tucker. He has since then created a myriad of works ranging from the deeply personal stories of cancer with Involuntary Metamorphosis of Being to detailed expositions on the relationship of music composition and choreography in Orchestrated Homage in 5 Movements. Tucker worked closely with musicians Trevor Hougharty and John Marino developing scores for Esoteric Dance Project. He is the primary music/film editor for the company.


Brenna Pierson-Tucker: Co-Artistic Director

Brad Nelson: Discover, Audit Project Manager

Reid Simon: Capco,Principal Consultant/Data Scientist

Kim Pierson: Coe College

Miesha Shih: Grant Writer, Curator



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